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Perfect Getaway Ideas at Kalamazoo with Your Partner

Kalamazoo is one of the most romantic places in Michigan, as featured in several music videos and movies.

The picturesque beauty is located in southern Michigan and thrives for travelers who love art, culture, and entertainment.

From planetariums to museums, from art venues to shopping malls, this city should be on the bucket list for every traveler.

Ideas for a day trip to Kalamazoo

When planning a day trip to Kalamazoo with your partner, we have some interesting places you’d want to unwind. Check out some of the top options as listed below:

Feel like a Royal at the Henderson Castle

What is better than having a fairy-tale date than spending it in a real castle? The Henderson Castle was built in 1895 by an aristocratic couple. The castle was home to them, and they loved to host balls, parties, and secret meetings.

Currently, it is open to visitors to experience the epitome of luxury during their stay. From lovely interiors amidst ballrooms and banquets to gardens and vineyards outdoor, this is a perfect place for a day trip in Kalamazoo.

Couples can book a romantic stay with top-notch amenities at their B&B-style suites. You will also experience fine dining and hot tubs for relaxing.

Experience city life Downtown

To experience local life, you have to explore Downtown. Dine at the Principle Food & Drink for classic cocktails amidst the vintage interiors. Go shopping at the historic Kalamazoo Mall and grab an ice cream from The Spirit of Kalamazoo shop.

Candle lovers must drop by the Kalamazoo Candle Marketplace to buy unique scented candles. You and your partner can also indulge in a romantic afternoon of candle-making.

Spend a Day at Augusta If You Are a Theatre Buff

If you and your partner take an interest in theatre, you should catch a show at the Barn Theatre School. It is a historic place because it is an old Equity resident summer-stock theatre.

You can enjoy some snacks and drinks at the Rehearsal Shed during a break or after the event. You could also meet the cast and crew there.

Finally, end your day with some lip-smacking dessert at Lickity Split Ice Cream Shop. From malts to sundaes, from shakes to cones, you will get them all here!

Kalamazoo River Valley Trail

If you want to explore the picturesque side of Kalamazoo, you have to walk through the river valley trail. It stretches for 22 miles and takes you through the city and the countryside both!
From the bustling downtown to the swirling rivers, this trail is ideal for couples looking for solace. If you don’t want to walk through the trail, you can also go biking with your partner.

The place is perfect for camping as you can find a suitable spot to stay the night over. The night sky views are beautiful while you see the city lights on one side and the stars above.

If opting for a self-guided tour, you will find marks on the way to guide you through. You can also go in a group or hire a guide to make the most of your day.

VerHage Fruit Farms and Cider Mill

How does a day filled with candied apples and sugary homemade doughnuts sound to you while enjoying hayrides? If you’d like it, come over to VerHage Fruit Farms.

It is a major tourist attraction as travelers love to explore the barns and mills. The owners love to take people around and talk about country life.

If you want to try pony rides or go zip-lining, this is the perfect outing for you. You can also spend some time taking demonstrations on cider production and tractor driving lessons.

Final thoughts

Kalamazoo gives you endless options to spend a beautiful day with your loved one. Choose what interests you and plan your itinerary around it.