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Is Kalamazoo Safe as a Tourist Destination?

Is Kalamazoo Safe as a Tourist Destination?

Tourists visiting Kalamazoo from other parts of the US or abroad might want to be alert about the crime scenes. To put an end to your worries, we must assure you that Kalamazoo is a considerably safe place to travel.

When looking for attractions in Kalamazoo, Michigan, we recommend considering the area you will travel through. The average crime rate in Kalamazoo is 29.16 per 1000 people dwelling here. It roughly means that around 3% of the entire population can fall prey to crimes. People living in this part of Michigan consider the southwest area of the city to be safest for travel.

Your chance to face a crime is around 1 in 20 around central Kalamazoo. However, when visiting the southwestern part of Kalamazoo, it is 1 in 72. Crime rates are comparatively more in the western part of the city. An average record of 943 cases is accounted for each year. The northwest part has lesser cases comparatively, with an average of 202 every year.

Where Do Crimes Generally Happen in Kalamazoo?

It is essential to differentiate between crimes happening to residents and tourists. It is also necessary to consider at what time crimes generally occur. For example, the central part of Kalamazoo is not majorly a residential area. It is a retail hub where many tourists come to buy souvenirs and specialties of the region. Since there are very few people living here, crimes mostly happen during daylight.

Some issues arise in places like parks and airports. It might be surprising, but areas around the airport are not majorly secured in Kalamazoo, making it an easy place to plan and execute criminal activities. The areas around the airports are also away from residential areas, making the places less populated.

There are 20 recreational areas in Kalamazoo, including parks, and they too have several crime reports. The population around these areas is comparatively more than the airport area and central Kalamazoo. Since many people visit these areas regularly, it gives criminals more opportunities to attack.

How to Maintain Safety?

It is essential to understand that crimes happen where people are. It does not matter if they live there or are simply visiting. It is good to analyze the crime scenes of every place before making an itinerary full of things to do in Kalamazoo.

Suppose you are looking for tasty food takeouts in Kalamazoo around the central area. You need to be cautious about your move and keep your belongings close to you. When you have an alert mind, you will refrain from being attacked.

Every criminal knows how to figure out an easy catch for themselves. Keeping your guards on will help you safeguard your interest.

Kalamazoo is not an unsafe place to travel. It is one of the loveliest places in Michigan and is prone to crimes like any other place. You can have a carefree travel experience if you are mindful and prevent yourself from any criminal attacks.