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Hot Destinations Tourists Love in Kalamazoo

Hot Destinations Tourists Love in Kalamazoo, MI

Kalamazoo, in Michigan, is a city rich with creative culture, where our sense of adventure extends from the outdoors onto your plate. Based on a ranking given by PureWow, Kalamazoo is currently ranked #1 in the coolest places to live in U. S. with the lowest cost. “You can have the big town amenities, but you can also have that small-town feel,” said the City of Kalamazoo Mayor David Anderson. As unique and ancient as its name suggests, the city is gorgeous in its own way. Here are some hot destinations to visit when visiting Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Kalamazoo Valley Museum

The valley museum is one of the first places to visit when visiting the city of Kalamazoo. The museum conducts seasonal exhibitions, which provide an opportunity for educational experience. This place is comforting for both kids and adults. Better plan on investing hours on enjoying the exhibits about stars and seas and the universe. When the weather’s not on point, and you wish to escape the heat or on a rainy day, visiting a museum is an experience worth a try—also, it is free.

Kalamazoo Institute of Arts

Kalamazoo Institute of arts is a non-profit art museum and school which conducts several exhibitions and art fairs each year. Being an art lover myself, I feel it’s a win-win situation where you can come witnesses some excellent art collection without spending even a penny. The museum’s permanent collection consists of as much as 4600 original works. Even though it’s considered to be a small museum, there are plenty of reasons why it’ll grab your attention.

Air Zoo

The Air Zoo aerospace and science museum is located halfway between Detroit and Chicago. With over 100 airspace artifacts, inspiring interactive exhibits, indoor amusement park rides, full-motion flight simulators, science-based camps, and classes, the museum’s considered to be world-class. The Smithsonian- affiliated aerospace and science museum buys you an easy hour or two at the tables while watching your kids play.

Homer Stryker Field

Homer Stryker Field is the home stadium of Kalamazoo Growlers. The stadium has all the necessary facilities, availability for easy parking, and you can even sneak in behind the dugout if you want to see some in-match entertainment between the innings.

With a hot dog on the plate and chilled beer on the other hand, surely not much can go wrong with the baseball that keeps you engaged throughout the experience. If you’re worried about your kids throwing tantrums, the ground also has a kid’s corner just in case.

Kalamazoo River Valley Trail

When visiting Kalamazoo, it is essential to take note of this place where nature meets heaven. For all hodophiles out there looking for a touch of nature, the Kalamazoo River valley trail is a must-visit. This trail is a perfect place for bikers. The river valley encompasses 35 miles of trail throughout Kalamazoo County.

The trail is free to use and has a paved asphalt surface that is 10 feet wide. If you’re looking for a relaxing family stroll, a journey into nature, an extensive jog, cross-country skiing, or a bike route, the Trail perfectly suits your visit.

Lawson Ice Arena

Ice Hockey is always on-trend in Kalamazoo. If you’re an ardent fan of the sport, it’s the perfect opportunity to jump on. The Lawson Ice Arena is home to Western Michigan University’s NCHC Bronco Hockey team. It is worth the visit with fair ticket prices, modern facilities, and a location close to the WMU campus and miller auditorium. As all ice arenas are cold, you should carry warm outfits and buy beverages while enjoying the game.

Kalamazoo State Theatre

One of the oldest and most visited sites in Kalamazoo is the state theatre. In recent years, Kalamazoo state theatre has shifted interest from movies to live performances. Several acts in large varieties, including Operas, ballets, dramas, stage shows, and dance reviews, are conducted here. Built during the film boom of the 1920s, the Kalamazoo State Theatre offers old-fashioned charm in a new-world way. Even though a lot of it has been renovated, the theatre still has its spark of vintage.

Milham Park

Milham Park has witnessed beautiful moments being lived throughout the years, whether it’s for newly married couples coming on a stroll or for budding lovers at a date night. The extensive beauty of this place is incomparable—a perfect place for organizing picnics, spending time with kids, and conducting photo sessions. Milham Park provides a fine ambiance for taking a break out of the chaotic reality.

Airway Fun Center

You can bowl, you can climb, you can go-cart, and you can participate in arcade games and play mini-golf. The airway fun center is an exciting place to be. The Airway Fun Center is technically located in Portage, Michigan, but this is about a five-minute drive south of Kalamazoo; therefore its surely isn’t a long trip. So get your heart pumping, get ready for some adrenaline rush and join in the adventure. The cool games and activities mentioned above make this place one of the liveliest places to be at Kalamazoo.

Gilmore Car museum

Passionate about cars? Welcome home to a place full of antique automobiles. The Gilmore Car Museum in Michigan sits in the tiny village of Hickory Corners, northeast of Kalamazoo. More than 300 beautifully restored and rare vehicles fill a dozen buildings spread across a 90-acre campus.

As the city suggests, most of the places mentioned above are cost-friendly and hugely appealing. If we may be so bold, it’s no wonder anyone who visits Kalamazoo keeps coming back for another dose of its unique charm.