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Awesome Ideas of Things to Do in Kalamazoo During Summer

Awesome Ideas of Things to Do in Kalamazoo During Summer

Being one of the most cost-friendly cities in the states, Kalamazoo also counts as a beautiful place to behold. Packed with acres of natural beauty, the city gives you options for paid entertainment and provides a shy of relief for budget-oriented people. It’s often said that people who visit Kalamazoo once keep coming back drawn by its unique beauty.

With the combination of big-city energy and small gown serenity, Kalamazoo can be considered one of the unique tourist spots in the U.S. Here are some awesome ideas of things to do in Kalamazoo this summer. Every activity mentioned l here is unique, fun, and worth the spending.

  • Kalamazoo Airborne Adventure

Kalamazoo Airborne Adventure is one of the most popular adventure parks in Michigan. With the likes of adventure sports like Ninja warrior course, slam dunk, and dodgeball, it draws in a huge crowd each year. Several activities like Parkour, trapeze, X swing, and zip line make this place worth investing your valuable time in.

Safety is a vital aspect of every adventure sport. Therefore various essential measures are taken, and all safety guidelines and procedures are mandatory to be followed. Whether it is group events or field trips, the adventure park is worth an experience for both kids and adults. With fair ticket prices and suitable time slots, this place has all criteria fulfilled.

  • Kalamazoo River Valley Trail

Visiting the river valley trail in Kalamazoo is a common activity from people all over Michigan. This place is a treat for nature lovers and hodophiles around the world. With a paved asphalt road of 10 feet width and beautiful sights throughout the 22miles of the trail, it’s not logical to argue about the place’s validity. The views can be especially gorgeous at night, so you should take your cameras to capture the stars that shine even brighter in the dense woods.

  • Union Cabaret & Grilled

There are many things to do in downtown Kalamazoo, but one of the highlights is undoubtedly the Union Cabaret and Grilled. Located within the mall, it’s a popular nightlife destination for people from all walks of life. The place lounge-like atmosphere of tables surrounding a center stage where musicians add in enlightening the environment of the house.

The place usually attracts young crowds and based on the environment, it’s appropriate for every gastronome around the town to pay a visit. Budget-minded people also appreciate the availability of happy hours. We recommend you make the call and plan a nice evening with your loved ones this weekend.

  • Dinner and Drink

The nightlife in Kalamazoo is something worth experiencing even though it often gets unnoticed amidst some outdoor activities. There are some great late-night grub spots and pubs for you to discover when living in the city. Shakespeare’s pub, the Winne Loft, Harvey’s on the mall, Hop cat, Kalamazoo Beer Exchange are notable mentions. After-dinner drinks also head to Kalamazoo’s own Bell’s Brewery downtown. Bell’s qualify as one the oldest craft brewery and seems to be the appropriate place to enjoy a beer while enjoying the sweet scenery of the Kalamazoo River.

  • Sports and Entertainment Arenas

Assuming that you’re among the sports enthusiasts, there are certainly some gratifying places to pay a visit at Kalamazoo. Kalamazoo Growlers- a collegiate league baseball team and Kalamazoo Wings (also known as K-Wing among Ice hockey fans) are teams that play regularly in their home stadiums Homer Stryker Field and Lawson Ice Arena, respectively.

The stadiums are well maintained and promise a thrilling experience every time the local teams represent the crowd. Also, the golf courses in Kalamazoo provide an opportunity for every tourist to enjoy the outdoors, whether you’re a golf fanatic or not.

  • Shopping

Whenever visiting a new place, every tourist’s common desire is to shop around trying to preserve memories from their experience. From Local gifts to presents for DIY-ers, Kalamazoo has a perfect outlet for every gift kind. Kalamazoo has an abundance of local products stocking the shelves of shops throughout the city. Several book stores are also available for readers planning on killing time when off from traveling.

  • Markets and Orchards

Kalamazoo area farmers markets and orchards are where bountiful means beautiful. Right from spring up till autumn, Kalamazoo is ripe with fresh possibilities. On the other hand, Verhagen Fruit Farm & Cider Mill is a working farm, and its family-friendly attraction offers a variety of experiences for guests.

Take a trip around the farm with the hayrides and sample the delicious candied apples, ciders, and glazed donuts. The beautiful ambiance of that place makes way for driving into new tastes and counts as a destination for having fun outdoors.

Now that you’re familiar with Kalamazoo’s tourist spots, it’s only correct to take the leap of faith and plan out some activities mentioned above.