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Top 6 Michigan Lake Cruise Itineraries to Try

Michigan is the State of Great Lakes and undoubtedly offers some of the best cruise trips to try. From the bustling cities to the beach towns, from the sand-filled shores to cottage-filled lakesides, there are several types of backdrops to experience, depending on where you cruise. Check out the best cruises to experience the beauty of Michigan lakes

Best Michigan Lake Cruises

To indulge in the natural beauty the state has to offer, you must try at least one of the following cruises:

1. Lake Michigan

If you want to plan a trip on a cruise, you can spend around a week exploring the beauty of Michigan lakes. Lake Michigan offers several such cruising trip options and takes you across the Michigan lakes connected. The ideal cruise trip is a seven-night and eight-day long journey. It takes you from Holland to Beaver Island and then Mackinac Island. The trip is likely to start or end at Lake Michigan, depending on the length of your cruise trip.

2. Saugatuck

If you are in Kalamazoo, you must experience the retro vibe to know how travelers in the 1860s crossed the Kalamazoo River and went to Lake Michigan. The ideal time to be at Saugatuck for a cruise trip is during sunset. It offers breathtaking views of dusk and as you sail past Kalamazoo.

3. Holland

If you are in Holland, you must cruise on Lake Macatawa. You will sail through a narrow channel and go from Lake Macatawa to Lake Michigan. The cruise takes around two hours to complete. You will pass through Muskegon and experience the beauty of the city life in the backdrop. The cruise at Holland is also ideal at dusk.

4. Suttons Bay

Suttons Bay offers a unique cruise trip that invites you to have a complete entertainment option on the cruise. It involves music and art themes to choose from. It also involves science expeditions with onboard microscopes. Some singers will make you want to sing along the sea shanties while you enjoy delicious breakfast meals.

5. Minitour Island

There are frequent ferry trips to catch at the South Manitou Island. It takes you by the beautiful Sleeping Bear Dunes. The cruise ships leave from Leland Harbor in the morning and bring you back at dusk. You enjoy the views of a lighthouse, farms and spot a historic schoolhouse. You will also find the famous wreck of Francisco Morazan. This cruise also offers mesmerizing views of the sunset that you will witness before you deboard.

6. Beaver Island

Take a ferry to explore the beauties of Charlevoix and then move to Beaver Island. You will cross the Pine River channel, which is itself a famous tourist attraction of Michigan. The cruise takes you across 32 miles and is two hours long. It takes you across two lighthouses, hiking trails, and seven inland lakes.

Final Thoughts

Lakes are one of the prime attractions of Michigan, and you cannot miss out on cruising on one of them. Choose the perfect option to spend some quality time with your loved ones and enjoy from morning to dusk.