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How Is Playing Golf at Kalamazoo Different from Other Places?

How Is Playing Golf at Kalamazoo Different from Other Places?

Golf lovers wish to explore several terrains to challenge their expertise in the game. Kalamazoo is not only an ideal destination to enhance your golfing skills, but it also gifts your panoramic views of the surrounding.

Top places to go golfing at Kalamazoo

Let us explore some of the top places to go golfing at Kalamazoo to understand what it offers to the gamers:

1. Gull Lake View Golf Club and Resort

It is not unusual for golf lovers to choose a resort to stay back when visiting Kalamazoo. Many people come to Kalamazoo to enjoy their stay at such resorts.

The golf course with Gull Lake view is the oldest and most significant one in Michigan. It includes six championship courses, dining, event, and lodging facilities.

The uniqueness brings people to this resort in the hilly waterways, woody areas, and valleys of East Course and West Course. The golf course is located amidst forested terrain.

The countryside of the Stonehedge North and South is a primary attraction around the area. You are also a drive away from the top points of Kalamazoo County. Here, you can visit Stoatin Brae that is the ideal place to play golf. Moreover, the area recently received the recognition of Michigan Golf Course of the Year (2020) and National Golf Course of the Year (2021).

2. Binder Park Golf Course

It is one of the first 18-hole golf courses constructed in Southwest Michigan and was open to the public in 1963. In 1999, it was expanded to have 27 holes in total.

The triple 9-hole tracks called Natural, Preserve, and March locate within a forested area. It interests not only golfers but also nature lovers who feel mesmerized amidst the dramatic elevation of the course, the wetlands, and the forest.

The unique aspect of Binder Park is having an indoor golf simulator to enjoy during cold winter months. It is perfect for beginners to practice around the three-hole course.

3. Island Hills Golf Club

Island Hills was designed by Raymon Hearn and is considered a hidden gem in the Midwest. Len Ziehm, the Chicago golf writer, stated that Island Hills could be the ultimate gem among all golf courses in the US. Moreover, it is perfect for anyone from beginners to experts.

The area gives you an instant idea about its farming background due to plenty of open space across the 15-hole area. Golfer Michael Stewart stated that the site offers the five best finishing holes located at the east of Mississippi. Moreover, the picturesque view of Southwest Michigan with Lake Templene at the backdrop lifts your spirits.

4. Angels Crossing Golf Club

The southern area of Kalamazoo includes a village named Vicksburg that offers 350 acres of land comprising of Angels Crossing. It has a set of five tees covered across fairways and rolling greens.

The beauty of this golf course is that it overlooks Portage Creek and Barton Lake. The area is filled with prairie grasses and wetlands. The golf course is perfect for golf practices as it includes a facility to train interested people. It also contains short game areas and bunkers.

5. Heritage Glen Golf Club

The Heritage Glen offers scenic beauty and locates right in the middle of Michigan’s wine country. You might find some holes thick with pines, and it could make you feel like the Northwoods. On the other side, you will find wide fairways that resemble designs with Scottish links.

Final thoughts

These were the top five golf courses in Kalamazoo, with unique attributes making them memorable for golfers. If you love golf, you have to visit these places to challenge your skills while indulging in the surrounding beauty.