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Top 5 Things to Do in Michigan with Kids for a Fun Outing

Michigan gives families a complete experience as there are endless things to do together. The state is famous for the ‘Great Lakes’ and other natural wonders like streams, hills, beaches, and valleys.

Amidst these natural beauties, you will find innumerable things to do with kids in Michigan, as there are many fun-filled options for family bonding time. From trying adventurous roller coaster rides to exploring museums to educate young minds, there is a lot to do here.

Fun things to do with kids in Michigan

Check out the following exciting activities and things to do when travelling to Michigan with kids:

1. Spot penguins at Detroit Zoo

Detroit Zoo provides a phenomenal penguin exhibit that interests children who visit these friendly creatures for the first time. The penguins are kept safe in an area of 33,000 sq. ft., which is home to more than 75 species of penguins.

You will also find polar bears, gorillas, and grizzly bears in the enclosed area. The zoo allows people to interact and offers podiums that are perfect for selfies with a backdrop.

2. Visit The Henry Ford Museum

If your child is interested in different vehicles, you must intrigue them by introducing them to The Henry Ford Museum. Established by Henry Ford himself in 1929, this museum takes you into the history of mechanical inventions.

The museum does not only make you stroll around vintage vehicles but also hosts interactive programs and exhibitions. You can also indulge in the Giant Screen Experience for movies that discuss remarkable landmarks in history related to automotive in the US.

3. Take a day trip to Holland

If you are in Michigan during May, you must take your family to the mesmerizing Tulip Time Festival in Holland city. The place is an hour away from Kalamazoo and gives you an instant vibe of a laidback culture around regular hustle-bustle.

The festival attracts locals and foreigners alike, who schedule their trips to gaze at the beauty of more than 4 million tulip blooms. It also hosts events, parades, and special activities to keep kids busy.

If you take a day trip to Holland during other times, you will want to have a day of amusement at the Zeeland Splash Pad Park. You can also have your geek glasses on for the exhibits at the Outdoor Discovery Center.

4. Swirl away at the Avalanche Bay Waterpark

Indoor waterparks can uplift one’s mood irrespective of the weather outside. The Avalanche Bay Waterpark is the perfect place to hear your kid’s laughter as they swirl down the Big Couloir. It is the steepest slide in the state and gets your hearts pumped.

The indoor waterfall called Splashorn is one of the primary attractions of this place. Kids new to surfing must try the Zip Zone Surf Simulator to have a safe surf spree. If you just want to relax, float in the Lazy River.

The indoor space allows people to bring their games to the arcade and offer space to play. The best part about this place is that it welcomes toddlers and young children. However, all children below ten must have adults accompanying them all the time.

5. Kids ‘N’ Stuff Children’s Museum

One of the fun things to do with kids in Michigan is going to the play museum. It is a unique area of children’s interest where they not only learn new things but also create. There is an interactive space for fun and learning amidst thoughtful exhibits to nurture their mind.

Children play doctors, nurses, turn cooks and bake food with toy ingredients. They familiarize themselves with people by spotting play uniforms of police officers and firefighters. They also pretend to go grocery shopping and eat healthy food. It is an exciting place for parents to help their children understand fundamental aspects of life through interactive learning.

Final thoughts

There are plenty of outdoor activities in Michigan, and all of them do not need to be expensive. From hiking to the North Country National Scenic Trail to making sandcastles at the South Haven beach, possibilities are endless.